In automotive manufacturing, no detail is too small. A vehicle is a complicated piece of machinery. For the final product to work properly, every part has to meet high quality standards. If a part misses specifications by even the smallest variation, it could cause a problem in the entire vehicle design.

As an automotive parts manufacturer, you understand the importance of quality and accuracy better than anyone. Your parts have to arrive at your customer’s facility in pristine condition. If they don’t, you could lose your customer’s trust, and possibly even their business.

Even the best-designed and most efficiently-produced automotive parts can become defective if they aren’t shipped in the right type of packaging. Your parts face any number of risks in transit. The packaging has to be designed to minimize those risks.

Quality isn’t the only concern. You also have to meet your cost targets to protect your margin.  The most protective packaging in the world is useless if it turns a profitable product into a loss.

The DEUFOL Automotive Solutions

At DEUFOL, we understand the challenges you face because we work with automotive parts manufacturers just like you every day. We understand the delicate balance that comes with protecting your parts and also protecting your margins.

We custom engineer solutions to meet both objectives. Our process often includes:

The process we are using is more cost effective than a traditional injection molded approach. It is also much quicker to modify. Do you need to use a thermoformed component in your EV automotive application? It doesn’t fit right or you need to make some changes? We can modify the part inexpensively and in a short amount of time when compared to the overall cost of injection molded parts.


Let’s talk about it. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our automotive packaging engineers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals and challenges.