Your total custom clamshell packaging solution, from design through distribution.

If you’re looking for clamshell packaging for your product, you’ve come to the right place. With our custom designed packages, processes and equipment, we develop the most economical packaging for both your product and the market. And our in-house production lines and equipment eliminate outsourcing costs and time, reduce shipping costs and improve your speed to market.

Clamshell is one of the most versatile and powerful packaging solutions available. Clamshell packages are often formed from clear PET or PVC material, allowing your customer to view your product from every angle. We can also design a clamshell package for you that meets even the highest security and safety standards.

At DEUFOL, we design and produce custom clamshell packaging for manufacturers across a diverse range of industries, including:

When we begin your clamshell packaging design, we’ll analyze several important factors, such as:

The hinge.

The hinge is what separates clamshell from other types of packaging. We design and then prototype the hinge to make sure it opens properly to provide easy access to your product.

The closing mechanism.

Again, this is where the design and prototyping process can make a world of difference. You likely want a closing mechanism that will keep your product secure but will also be relatively easy for your customers to open. Our designers and engineers know how to strike the right balance between security and access.

The location of the product.

One of the major advantages to using clamshell is that your customer will get a view of your product inside the packaging. We make your product shine by finding the best package location for your product.

The DEUFOL clamshell packaging process​

At DEUFOL, we create custom clamshell packaging and manage the entire process, from design through distribution. Our multi-stage process takes the packaging and distribution functions off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best: designing and producing great products.